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Rayfell and Melinda are still planning on a late July wedding in Indiana even though Rayfell is still working hard to get visas and the permission needed to enter the United Sates. Getting the required paperwork from Venezuela is proving to be difficult with all of the chaos happening in that country. Rayfell still has to pass a medical exam where no problems are expected. His final visa interview is scheduled for Friday, May 18th at 8:45 a.m. EST in case you would like to PRAY specifically at that time. Please also PRAY for all of the needed paperwork to to be approved and to arrive on time.
Thank you for praying for Rayfell's visa interview! He arrived in the states this past week.

Nicaragua is going through an especially bad time of unrest and violence touching most parts of the country. There have been many deaths including a journalist shot in the head while he was filing. The two official bus lines have suspended all bus travel into Nicaragua from Costa Rica until further notice. Please PRAY for the protection of the church plants there and their expanding ministry. Please PRAY for peace for the country of Nicaragua. There is a Los Guido team making plans for a visit to Puerto Cabezas in July and so the situation is being watched closely. As of this date (6/11) more than 140 have been killed by government authorities while filling the streets to protest. The streets of Puerto Cabezas, where the New Life Church is located, have been packed with people but no violence or deaths have been reported there. Pictures and latest news on the CLFCR Facebook page.

Please PRAY for Jessica, a member of the New Life Church Los Guido, as it has been confirmed that she has cancer. The surgery that the doctors say that she desperately needs has been scheduled and canceled serval times for more than a year. The next scheduled date for this surgery is June 22

La Finca is the CLFCR international ministry base located in Los Guido, Costa Rica. Please PRAY for God's protection as a court case against the property is slowly making its way through the Costa Rica system of justice. Read a summary of this ongoing drama with La Finca here.

Please PRAY for the protection of the lead pastor of the New Life Church Puerto Cabezas (Nicaragua) as there have been recent death threats targeting him and his family. Pastor Sam remains steadfast and focused on the church and serving Christ. Recently a nearby pastor, his daughter, and all of his grandchildren were murdered. 

Please PRAY about the need for a house to be built on the property where the Puerto Cabezas church is located where a family would be able to live and care for the church and property similar to what is at La Finca in Costa Rica. 
Praise God that offerings have begun to come in to draw up plans and and begin to take steps to start the foundation on the house. We have faith that God will meet this need in the months ahead!

PRAY for safety and God's protection. The gospel is being shared and discipleship is taking place in dangerous areas known for serious violence.

UPDATED June 17, 2018

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May God be gracious to us and bless us and cause His face to shine upon us, 
that Your ways may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.
Psalms 67:1-2
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