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Francisco had open heart surgery last month. The doctors say he will have to stay in the 
hospital at least until the end of this month. It was great to see him smiling when Mark and Meg 
visited him. Please PRAY for a complete and quick healing.​ 

PRAY for Jessica, a member of the Los Guido church that has cancer. The surgery that the 
doctors say that she needs has been scheduled and canceled serval times for nearly two 
years. The surgery scheduled for June 22 was not performed due to scheduling too many 
surgeries and, therefore, not having enough time. She was not given a new date.

NICARAGUA latest information: The total number of deaths since the conflict started April 18 
is 305, while 2700 have been injured, 150 are missing and 43 are permanently disabled; 
among those who lost their live are 31 minors, 1 journalist and 22 police agents. The team 
from the Los Guido, Costa Rica church was ready to leave for Puerto Cabezas in July but a decision 
was made the day before to cancel the trip for now due to increased warnings of violence. The U.S. state department has issued several “shelter in place” warnings recently for the worst areas including the capital of Managua and the area around the airport where the team would have had to transition from the Costa Rica international flight to the Puerto Cabezas national flight. It was a difficult decision for the team. They look forward to making the trip at a later date as the Lord allows the needed funds to come in. Thank you for praying for the team and for praying for peace in Nicaragua. Please PRAY for the safety of the church plants and our dear friends in the Puerto Cabezas area. PRAY for peace for the country of Nicaragua.

Please PRAY about the need for a house to be built on the property where the Puerto Cabezas church is located where a family would be able to live and care for the church and property similar to what is at La Finca in Costa Rica. 

La Finca is the CLFCR international ministry base located in Los Guido, Costa Rica. Please PRAY for God's protection as a court case against the property is slowly making its way through the Costa Rica system of justice. Read a summary of this ongoing drama with La Finca here.

UPDATED September 14, 2018

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May God be gracious to us and bless us and cause His face to shine upon us, 
that Your ways may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.
Psalms 67:1-2
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